Virtual Internships for College Students

Virtual internships

COVID19 has brought many challenges for the students and professionals. Among these is the lack of internship and job opportunities. Students have been facing difficulty while gaining practical knowledge.

To counter this problem many organizations have started offering online internship opportunities to the students. These internships not only help them gain practical experience but are also time saving and convenient.

What are Virtual internships? 

Internships conducted online are referred to as Virtual internships. The interns are in virtual contact with the organisation through online means such as video call, emails or phone calls. All the reporting and other tasks are carried out online.

Where to look for Online internships? 

One of the most common queries of the students is where to look for online internships. Social media is something everyone is familiar with. Joining different internship and job groups will keep you updated with the recent opportunities in every field. Facebook, Instagram both can be of help.

LinkedIn: by making an account on LinkedIn you’ll get updates on internships too.

What are the types of online internships ?

There are generally two types of internships: paid internships and unpaid ones. While these are two most common types . Some organizations offer fee based internships. The interns have to pay for the internships they are provided. Though these internships may charge you but they provide you the best learning opportunities according to your field.


Which organizations are offering online internships?


Google offers online internships for the students. Internships for STEM programmes, marketing, digital marketing and business are available.

These internships will polish your skills and prepare you for your professional life ahead.



An 8 week online internship programs at companies based in silicon valley, Newyork, and around the world is offered by practicum

A huge variety of internships mainly in the field of engineering are being offered too.


Virtual internships

This website offers a huge variety of online internships to students and graduates belonging to 18 different fields. They offer programs that aid students and graduates in meeting their development goals.

What is the importance of online internships for the students?

Just like traditional physical internships, online internships allow students to gain practical knowledge that is necessary alongside their academics. These help in developing digital skills. online internships improve your online and technical skills.

Since during virtual internships all is arranged by the students, their time, meeting with supervisors and trainers, their management skills in turn get polished.

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

Clay P. Bedford

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