Why Meritorious ?

Each applicant to Meritorious A-Level College is considered with great care. You can explore the information in this section to know our admissions process. Early Bird and various other merit and need-base scholarships are offered by Meriotrious A-Level College that makes quality education affordable for all. Candiates are encouraged to contact college at earliest to ensure they secure their place before all seats are filled. Good luck for the admission process.

Admission Process
Application form submitted by student or parent (either online or in-person at college)
Schedule Interview of the student (and at least one parent) by the Dean, within ten days of application.
Conditional Offer Letter
Upon passing the interview stage, conditional Admission Offer Letter is issued with the Fee Voucher (for Admission Fee only) within 3 days. It is to be paid within 2 weeks from the date of issue.
Fee Payment
Once copy of paid fee voucher is received by college, you are required to complete all other formalities including documentation work and detailed forms within 2 weeks.

Studying at Meritorious
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