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Affiliated with Cambridge Board, Meritorious A Levels College facilitates our students with quality education and a curriculum that inspires and empowers. It meets the needs of students through experiential learning, leadership programs, outdoor learning programs, and hands-on activities that contribute to a conducive educational approach.

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Our Scholarship Programs

Talent Hunt Scholarships

Scholarships are now available for the students on the basis of O1 results (of up to 3 subjects).

Meritotious College 19
Meritorians Scholarships

The scholarship can be availed by Meritorians.

Merit Scholarships

Grade-based scholarships are available for all students who have scored As & Bs.

Sports Advantage

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Flood Donation Drive
Lend a Helping Hand – Donation Drive
A Level college faculty
Listen to our A Level college faculty!
Guide to College Societies
Guide to College Societies | Campus Life at Meritorious College
cognitive skills
How can students improve cognitive skills?
social and emotional learning
Importance of social and emotional learning SEL for the students
meritorious college
How Meritorious College help students solve their problems?
A level subjects
How to choose A level subjects?
leadership skills
Inculcating leadership skills in students
class communication skills
Enhancing class communication skills
Professional development for Teachers
Professional development for Teachers
future leaders
Building the Future Leaders
Exam Revision Tips
Best tips for exam revision
Skills students must learn in college
Study Planner
How to create a study planner for your online classes
Best A Level Faculty
Why Meritorious has the best A level faculty!
effective multitasking
4 Steps for Effective Multitasking
Critical Thinking Skills
How To Develop Critical Thinking Skills
Habits of Successful People
Habits of Successful People
Exam Stress
How To Deal With Exam Stress
meritorious a level college
Why Meritorious?
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