Scholarships at Meritorious College for A-Level

Merit Scholarship
(For AS & A2)

Forecast Merit Scholarship for 2024 admissions based on 2023 CAIE Results

Note: Those availing Forecast Scholarship are not eligible for Merit Scholarship.
Forecast scholarships are determined based on the results of Urdu, Pak. Studies and Islamiyat, while the rest of the subjects remain to be attempted in CAIES.

Sports Advantage

Talent Hunt Scholarship

(Secure up to Scholarship 50% if you have the talent.)

Note: The decision will be made after the assessment by the Admission’s tutor or the College Dean.

Alumni Advantage (Meritorious Graduates)

  • 15% concession in admission fee.
  • 10% concession in tuition fee.

Embark on a two-year journey by taking the first step today!

Apply now on the basis of your CAIE result and avail academic scholarships offered by Meritorious A-Level College.