Revision tips and tricks | How to revise effectively

revision tips and tricks

Tips for effective revision

One of the most common issues faced by students during exam season is effective revision. As the exams approach, the level of stress and anxiety increases manifold.

Here are few revision tips and tricks on how to revise effectively:

Set a schedule

Set a schedule and follow it religiously. Your timetable should have all the content to be revised. Divide your study material into chunks and begin the study by prioritizing. Spend more time on courses you are weak in.

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Have a proper sleep 

Having a good night’s sleep is essential for your brain cells to work effectively. Many students believe that studying for hours without any break before the exams will help them revise effectively, which is not true. Sleep deprivation causes problems in the retention of your memory.

Study in intervals 

Taking breaks while studying helps in the proper absorption of your study material. To revise effectively and retain the knowledge, one must divide their work into chunks. Spending hours on a single task decreases your productivity.

Self Assessment

It is crucial to assist yourself from time to time before exams as it gives you an idea of your preparation. Asking yourself questions and assessing by attempting past papers, again and again, will help you in understanding that subject correctly. You will have an understanding of the exam pattern and experience by solving these papers in a timely setting.


The use of flashcards, mind maps, memory games, and other modern techniques help in faster revision. You may take help from any close friend or family member and deliver the information you have learned to them. Verbally delivering process the information faster to the brain cells.

Avoid distractions

The use of cell phones, smart devices, or Watching TV during study causes distraction. They may divert your focus. For effective revision, it is recommended to keep all of these devices away.

Stay Calm

Stress may create problems for you during your revision. The majority of the students complain that despite their preparation and studying everything they couldn’t perform well in exams. The reason is they get stressed out and forget everything.

There is not a perfect formula for a hundred percent effective revisions. These revision tips and tricks may work for some but may not be for others. So one must find which tips suit the best and adopt them.

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

Clay P. Bedford

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