Inculcating leadership skills in students

leadership skills

Leadership skills add immense value to the academic career of a student. Some students are born as leaders when others can develop this skill through proper guidance and support. The teachers, therefore, play an essential role for developing leadership skills in the students.

At Meritorious College, our faculty members dedicate their efforts and time to help their students grow to their full potential. The success of the students is our utmost priority.

The supportive teachers at the college help to create leaders among our students.


Setting examples

It is a saying that one learns more by observing rather than being taught about it. Our experienced faculty not only guides the students in their academics but also act as perfect role models for their students by displaying Leadership qualities.

As perfect leaders, they build confidence in their students while the students can always look up to them for guidance.



Our teachers use modern techniques and skills to deliver the concepts to the students. Teamwork is something that not only increases interest but also lets the students display their management and leadership skills while working.

Apart from this working together, in societies such as debating, Videography, and photography help to polish their leadership skills.


Put them in charge

Opportunities are provided to the students to lead their class, for instance, asking them to volunteer as the class monitor or asking them to prepare and deliver a topic of interest from the curriculum.

By giving them charge to even trivial things, builds their confidence and instills leadership skills among them.


Public speaking

The Meritorious College arranges annual competition at the Interschool level that helps our students in polishing their communication skills which in turn infuse leadership qualities

The formation of a debating society and participation in Model UN plays a vital role in sharpening these skills.


Interactive sessions

By arranging frequent interactive sessions and discussions, we help the students get out of their comfort zones and contribute to the class discussions which, gives them an opening and realizing their leadership potential.

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

Clay P. Bedford

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