University Career Fair, Build Up’23

The anticipation and excitement culminated at Meritorious Campus as the vibrant atmosphere welcomed the 3rd edition of the University Career Fair, ‘Build Up.’ This remarkable event, held on Thursday, 23rd November 2023, brought together the brightest minds from our A-Level and AKU-EB batches, along with the most esteemed universities in town.

It was a day filled with invaluable opportunities and insightful interactions. Students had the privilege to engage directly with representatives from various top-notch universities. The fair acted as a beacon, guiding students toward potential career paths by offering a profound understanding of the programs and career prospects available.

The enthusiasm and eagerness of the attendees combined with the enthusiastic involvement of the universities, made this fair an exceptional success. Through these interactions, students gained profound insights that could shape their academic and professional journeys. The fair served as a platform where students explored academic programs, understood industry demands and envisioned their future careers. It was not merely an event but a stepping stone toward empowering the future generation.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to the participating universities for their active involvement and commitment, making ‘Build Up’ a monumental success. Their dedication to guiding and informing our students about diverse career options significantly contributed to the fair’s success.

At Meritorious, we eagerly anticipate the next ‘Build Up’ University Career Fair, as it promises to be another enriching chapter in empowering our students. We invite all our students to participate actively and embrace the myriad of opportunities that lie ahead. The ‘Build Up’ University Career Fair is not just an event; it is a canvas of possibilities and aspirations, painting a brighter future for our students. Until the next gathering, let’s continue to build up and empower our future generations at Meritorious!