Student’s Visit to Dar-ul-Sukun

At Meritorious College, community service stands as a cornerstone of our values, instilled to empower our students to make a meaningful impact in society. Recently, our dedicated A-Level students, as active members of the Community Service Society, undertook an inspiring initiative aimed at spreading joy and compassion.

With a commitment to brightening the lives of those in need, our students embarked on a heartwarming visit to Darul Sukun, a sanctuary for mentally and physically challenged individuals. This visit wasn’t merely a gesture; it was an embodiment of our college’s ethos of empathy and care for the marginalized members of our community.

Our students, adorned with smiles and carrying tokens of affection, eagerly engaged with the residents, exchanging not just gifts but also laughter and genuine companionship. It was a beautiful sight to witness the joy on both the faces of our students and the individuals at Darul Sukun, fostering a bond that transcended any differences.

The exchange of gifts was more than a material offering; it symbolized the transmission of love, understanding, and acknowledgment. Each gift represented an expression of care and solidarity, emphasizing that no one is forgotten or left behind in our shared journey.

The experience was transformative for our students, offering them a profound perspective on life and the importance of compassion in action. Interacting with the residents of Darul Sukun allowed them to experience firsthand the resilience and strength exhibited by individuals facing various challenges daily