Gowning Ceremony for Student Council 2023-24

The ‘Gowning and Oath Taking ceremony’ has been our long-standing tradition. Each year several students get elected as Leaders of the student council members through a fair round of elections. The elected student body assumes its leadership position with an oath to serve the college community to the best of its abilities, sheer dedication, and a commitment to foster positive change.

Keeping the tradition alive, we hosted our prestigious ‘Gowning and oath-taking ceremony’ of our newly elected Student Council for the academic session 2023-24. The event took place at the college’s auditorium and brought together not only the proud parents of the students but also the esteemed faculty members who presented badges and gowns to the young leaders.

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome to the attendees by the Dean of the college, Professor Aamir Arshad. In his address, he emphasized the importance of student leadership and the responsibility that comes with it. Professor Arshad encouraged the student council members to be the embodiment of the college’s values and to lead by example.
Following the Dean’s words of wisdom, the place was set for the main event – the gowning of the student council members. The faculty members, in their academic regalia, presented badges and gowns to each of the newly elected council members, which is a symbol of their official commencement into their roles as leaders of the student body.

With beaming smiles, proud parents in the audience watched their children receive this honor followed by the faculty members congratulating the students for their achievements.
The highlight of the evening was the newly elected Student Council members taking an oath. Standing shoulder to shoulder on the stage, they pledged their commitment to uphold the principles of Meritorious A-Level & AKU-EB College, to serve their fellow students diligently, and to act as responsible ambassadors for the institution.

The entire ceremony was a testament to the college’s dedication to nurturing not just academic excellence but also leadership qualities among its students. The Student Council 2023-24 is now officially ready to take on their responsibilities as leaders and serve as role models for their peers. The gowning ceremony concluded with an indelible mark on the students, parents, faculty members, and guests, marking the beginning of a new chapter where the student leaders shape the future of our College.

The college’s commitment to fostering leadership and academic excellence was evident throughout the ceremony. The students, faculty, and parents left the auditorium with a sense of pride and anticipation for the positive changes the Student Council of 2023-24 would bring to the college and its community.