Enhancing class communication skills

class communication skills

Communication is an essential tool that helps in shaping any classroom’s environment. It is quite imperative to create a friendly climate for a good teacher.

The teachers can use various strategies to increase class communication skills among students.

Class participation

Class participation plays a vital role in enhancing communication skills among the students. The teacher will not only engage his students but also motivate them to share their point of view with other class fellows by using an interactive teaching method. Teachers may encourage class participation by granting bonus marks to the students.


Motivation is the key to successfully increasing class communication skills. Encouraging the learners to openly discuss their queries, ask questions and share their ideas openly not only provides them the confidence but develops their interest in the classroom.

Create a supportive relationship

A supportive relationship between students and teachers is necessary. Being supportive towards your students provides them a sense of security making them comfortable in having open communication during their class. Being stern always will not bring any good but create tension between the teacher and their students.

Active listening

As much as speaking is necessary for effective communication, listening too plays an important role. Since poor listening often contributes to failure so Active listening is a factor, must not be ignored.

By listening attentively to the students, the teachers understand their concerns and point of view. The students also feel comfortable when they are being listened to and acknowledged.

Group discussions

Teamwork always plays a successful role in any area. Group discussions promote communication skills by providing the students a sense of comfort with their fellows. Learning together and working with your peers enhance their efficiency and confidence level.


Effective communication between a student and teacher is necessary for a healthy classroom environment. At Meritorious, we function as a family. The ethos is supportive and friendly and enables students to develop confidence and independence. Our team of experts facilitates students to adjust and feel secure in their surroundings. And help the students in improving their class communication skills.

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

Clay P. Bedford

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