Inter-School Futsal Tournament – ASF 2022

The importance of the saying lies in the fact that without participation, no one can ever hope to win. All great achievers have been trying hard because they know that success never comes on the first or many initial attempts.

We appreciate the student’s active participation and exceptional performance during different tournaments at the Alpha Sports Festival 2022. Behind us are the most engaging futsal and basketball matches we have witnessed throughout ASF, and we have good outcomes that we would like to share with you.

The boy’s team managed to win a total of 3 matches out of 6 from their opponents; Cedar, Highbrow, and Generations while the girls secured their win at the basketball match from Cedar college through a walk-over.

Our students did not conquer all the tournaments but tried to perform to the best of their abilities. It was a result of their teamwork, focus, and hours of immense practice that resulted in them making it to the semi-finals. Hard work pays off. Congratulations to ‘Team Meritorious’ for reaching the milestone. We are super proud of our champions!