Inter House Futsal Tournament 2022

Sports teach various skills like; leadership, team effort, and patience. Futsal has gained much popularity over the years as it’s fast-paced, technical, and requires a special bond between players to make a successful team. It is a game loved by all and is super fun to play. Students at Meritorious College, with eager anticipation, wait for sports events to take place, especially futsal being everyone’s favorite did not stop us from announcing a sports tournament for A-LEVELS.

NOVEMBER 12 marked the inauguration of the athletic yet exciting Inter House Futsal Tournament 2022. Several trial sessions took place, out of which only a few candidates got shortlisted for the finals. Our fitness trainers played a significant role in helping them rehearse for the tournament final. They taught them basic skills like; dribbling, shooting, and ball-controlling techniques to take over the game. Students observed it as an opportunity to polish their athletic skills. Boys and girls participated with great enthusiasm.

Each match was played under the strict supervision of management, where standard futsal rules apply, and the referee’s decision was considered final on the field.

Students kept the spirit of sports alive and played exceptionally well. It was the result of their hard work and painstaking efforts that made the blue and green teams win the match. We are delighted with the achievements of the House of Valour and Integrity. We are especially indebted to these two and offer them our heartiest congratulations.