Delicatessen 2.0-College Bake sale for Charity

In a delightful blend of culinary skill and charity, Our college students from A-Levels and AKU-EB came together for “Delicatessen 2.0,” a bake sale and food gala event that left the taste buds and heart’s content. The event showcased the culinary talents of the college’s students, all while contributing to a noble cause.

Delicatessen 2.0 was not an ordinary bake sale. It was a food extravaganza where students transformed into chefs and entrepreneurs, setting up their food stalls with mouthwatering treats that ranged from classic paani puri to succulent seekh kebabs and delectable brownies.

What made this event truly special was its unwavering commitment to charity. The proceeds generated from the food stall were agreed to be donated to various charitable organizations in the cause of charity. This embodiment of our college’s core values, instilled in students, exemplifies the dedication to shaping responsible citizens who give back to society.

Students from Science and commerce backgrounds, having culinary interests, came together to showcase and further polish entrepreneurial skills while fueling their passion for business. The stalls were a visual feast adorned with neatly arranged dishes and impeccable hygiene standards, ensuring each bite was delicious and safe for consumption.

One of the standout stalls was the “Paani Puri Paradise,” where students meticulously crafted the perfect paani puris, complete with tangy tamarind chutney and spicy potato filling. The next was the “Kebab Kingdom,” offering a variety of succulent kebabs, showcasing culinary traditions from different regions, and for those with a sweet tooth, the “Brownie Bliss” stall served up mouthwatering chocolatey delights.

The participation of faculty and staff members added an extra layer of enthusiasm to the event. They joined students in setting up stalls, serving customers, and relishing the flavors. This interaction between students and educators outside the classroom was a testament to the sense of community at Meritorious College.

As the event unfolded, students, faculty, and staff mingled with visitors, creating an atmosphere of fellowship that resonated with the college’s values. In the end, the highlight of Delicatessen 2.0 was not just the gastronomic delights but the collective commitment to charity. As the event concluded, all the profits generated, were pooled together and donated to various charitable organizations. The students’ efforts came full circle as they witnessed the impact of their hard work benefiting those in need.

Delicatessen 2.0 was more than just a food gala,
It marked a gathering to honor skills, talent, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and the spirit of community service. The event demonstrated student empowerment with the core values, skills, and opportunities that can help them create a world where compassion and culinary excellence go hand in hand.