Understanding the admission process

Admissions Process

At Meritorious College, we value and consider each applicant with great care. Meritorious College seeks applicants having good grades in their CIE and having strong interpersonal skills. During the admission process at Meritorious each candidate is deeply scrutinized and only the deserving ones are offered admissions.

The admission process is listed below:

Application form

The first step in the admission process of Meritorious College is submitting an application form. It is a simple form available online. The application can be submitted both online and in-person.

The students can fill it up themselves or can be filled by their parents. Given below is the link to the application form.



The second step in the admission process is an interview. Once the application has been submitted, the candidate is called for an interview along with at least one of his parents within 10 days. The Dean will assess the candidate, examine his skills and behavior and further decision will be taken.

Conditional offer letter

Once the candidate has succeeded in passing the interview, a conditional offer letter is issued along with the Fee Voucher for admission fee to the successful candidates.  The selected candidate has a deadline of two weeks to submit it.

Documentation and formalities

The last step in the admission process is submission of documents and  completing other formalities once the college has received the fee voucher.

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