Pakistan Life Savers’ Programme – Session

The Pakistan Life Savers Program is a project of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and the German Red Cross. The project seeks to improve the survival rates of people who suffer from cardiac arrest by providing training in Basic Life Support (BLS) and First Aid. They seek to have a vision of developing a nation of empowered citizens with skills to save lives.

PLSP is a government incentive launched in 2014 in response to the high level of drowning deaths in the vicinity. It initially targeted drowning death prevention using a multi-pronged approach involving; public awareness campaigns, training for teachers/lifeguards, and the distribution of life jackets in high-risk areas. The program proved to be successful to such an extent that it effectively resulted in a reduction in drowning deaths in Pakistan.

The project is active in all four provinces of Pakistan. To date, it has trained over 4,000 people in BLS and First Aid and installed over 1,000 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in public places. It has also established a 24/7 toll-free hotline, which provides people access to emergency medical services.

Campus visit:
Team PLSP with their Master Trainers visited Meritorious College for A-levels to train the students in CPR and Bleeding control. The program was quite engaging. All students enthusiastically learned the basics of CPR and bleeding control techniques taught by the professionals and then practiced them on the mannequins- which further aided their learning process. The program has also proven beneficial in raising awareness among students about the importance of life-saving.

The effectiveness of the program:
PLSP significantly impacts the survival rate from cardiac arrest and injuries in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country with a very young population.
According to the latest census, more than 60% of the population is under 30-which is a very important demographic for any country.

The program has trained more than 50,000 people and aims to train 10 million more. It targets the youth specifically as they know that youth is the agent of change that can align with their objectives and mission of teaching basic life-saving skills and helping to save countless lives. This program marks one of the most successful youth programs in the country.