Coronavirus – Why Social Distancing Is Important?

Social Distancing Coronavirus

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the world, which is why it is important to understand how to distinguish between facts and lies.  We interviewed Dr Safiuddin Siddiqui from AKUH, who tells you everything you need to know about coronavirus and why social distancing is necessary.

Is Coronavirus Reality Or Media Hype?

The coronavirus is an absolute reality. Once it starts to spread exponentially, our healthcare system will crumble. With that, doctors will have to decide who they can save and who is beyond help. Since the severely ill will require ventilators, there will be shortage of ventilators. Leaders are being forced to think about economic impact but when the outbreak starts to breakdown the infrastructure of a country, the economy will be impacted anyway. There should be steps taken to ensure social distancing measures before worrying about the economy. The world has not seen a disease like this in the last 100 years and it will be a difficult time for everyone.

What Can Be Done To Slow The Spread?

The only way to slow the spread of the virus for now is social distancing measures. If the spread can be slowed, it will be manageable. For example, 20 mm of rain everyday can be managed. But 7000 mm of rain at once can cause destruction. Similarly, the coronavirus can be slowed through social distancing so that the healthcare system can manage it. Everyone has a responsibility to maintain social distancing during this time.

What Are The Precautions That Can Be Taken?

Some of the precautions are:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap or hand wash.
  • Carry a hand sanitizer.
  • Do not touch your face.
  • Rinse your face thoroughly.
  • Do not touch surfaces such as railings, door knobs etc.
  • Develop immunity by taking Vitamin B12 and D tablets. Eat citrus fruits.
  • Avoid public gatherings.
  • Do not go out of home for unnecessary work.
  • Manage mental health

What Can The Society Do?

Families must not share towels or toiletries. If someone gets sick, they should isolate them. Workplaces should give employees work from home options or place hand sanitizers in the office. Society as a whole should be more empathetic. People should spread awareness, not rumors. They should not panic. Panic buying will lead to a shortage for everyone. If others are not safe, no one will be safe. Religious scholars should spread awareness. They should tell sick people not to go to mosques. Most importantly, the people should trust the government and its measures for social distancing. They are for everyone’s safety.

Is A Mask Helpful?

A mask is only helpful for sick people. For those who are not sick, the mask is not useful since they have to change masks every few hours and that would lead to fewer masks for those who are actually sick. It also accumulates germs all day and a person may keep touching it.

What Is Community Spread?

Community spread is when a person who has no history of travel and has not been in direct contact with a coronavirus patient gets infected. It means that the virus was transmitted locally and there are many more people with the virus who are still asymptomatic.

Lastly, Dr Safiuddin’s message was to not believe myths and rumors about the virus. Verify every news before forwarding it to people and causing panic. He also wanted people to follow the proper precautionary measures and make it their responsibility to socially distance themselves.

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Clay P. Bedford

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