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A Level college faculty
Listen to our A Level college faculty!

At Meritorious the A level College faculty is equipped with the latest tools and technologies needed to be successful in their classro…

Guide to College Societies
Guide to College Societies | Campus Life at Meritorious College

At Meritorious, we have different societies to motivate students to participate in extracurricular activities. This guide to college societies..

campus life
Campus life | Quality of service and positive student experiences

Our goal is to provide our students with the knowledge they need to be lifelong learners. Capmus life at Meritorious college is…

revision tips and tricks
Revision tips and tricks | How to revise effectively

One of the most common issues faced by students during exam season is effective revision. Here are few revision tips and tricks to…

Admissions Process
Understanding the admission process

At Meritorious College we value and consider each applicant with great care. During the admission process at Meritorious each candidate is…

good study habits
How to develop good study habits

Everyone desires to succeed in their exams but only a few manage to do it. Here are a few ways you too can develop good study habits…

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